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How To Start A Flour Mill Factory

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The flour milling industry is a vibrant sector that combines traditional skills with high technology to produce a wide range of flours, it is one of the most traditional business in India and widely populated all over the world today. Like so many industries, in recent years the flour mill industry has continued to consolidate. Flour is such a useful ingredient to make various types of processed foods like bread, biscuits, noodles, pasta and fast foods like burger, doughnuts, pizza, etc. As more and more people are becoming health conscious, the flour milling business will be profitable and never show a downward trend.

How To Start A Wheat Flour Mill Factory | Double-lion
Why Choose Flour Mill Business?
Investment:The need of capital is not very much in compare to the margin of profit in running a flour mill factory. As we all know, we need the flour in our daily life and that is also in a huge quantity.
Requirement:Many types of food that we eat now days are made up of flour and you very well know the demand of fast food like pizzas, burger, cake etc in market, the need of flour mill be always high.
Easy loan facility:For the best flour milling business idea, you can get easy loans from banks and financial institutions for starting the flour mill factory or for expansion.

How To Start A Flour Mill Factory?
First, Flour Mill Business Investment
For the flour milling factory early business plant, there are two generally demands you should investment. One is the fixed capital investment. It includes the space, building, machinery, registration and licensing feeds. If you don’t have your own place, you start the business with a rental premise then fixed capital includes the security deposit amount for the area of land. Another thing you should consider is the working capital investment. It includes raw materials, staffing, rent, transportation, marketing, distribution and administration costs.

Second, Training On How To Operate The Flour Mill Machinery
If you don’t have any worked experience on a flour mill factory, you will require training on how to operate different flour mill machinery which is inquired in the flour mill factory. In addition, you need to find out more about other flour mill equipment that you need in your flour mill factory. A little knowledge about the repairing of the machines is also very helpful.

 how to start a flour mill business | Double-lion Machinery
Third, Registering Your Flour Mill Factory
Flour milling business comes under the food processing industry. So it is significant to registering your factory before commencing the business. Registering your brand as a company will help you in future for the expansion of the business like a limited liability company and this also helps to patent any new product in your company’s name. Once you are formally registered, you are on the safe side of the law. It is best to register as a limited liability company. It is also essential that you get certificate regarding product quality, to increase on the authenticity of your flour products.
Fourth, Get A Space For The Flour Mill Factory
After you are through with the registration process, it’s time to find the place where you will set up your flour mill factory. You can either buy or rent it. The space you require should be not only sufficient for installing machinery but also should be sufficient for the raw materials, packaging processing products and storage of packaged flour. Actually, it is also important to ensure that your factory location is easily accessible as this will facilitate your transportation of the raw materials as well as the final packaged flour products to customers.

Once you are through with the registration process, it’s time to look for space for your factory. You can either buy or rent it. Notably, a normal flour mill factory doesn’t require a lot of space to begin. The space you require should be sufficient for your machinery, raw materials, packaging processed products and storage of packaged flour. Actually, ensure that your factory location is easily accessible; to ease transportation of raw materials to the factory as well as final packaged flour products to customers.

How to start a flour mill business in india | Double-lion Machinery

Fifth, Select Flour Mill Machinery Supplier

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how to start a wheat flour mill | Double-lion Machinery

The main flour mill machinery needed:
  • Bucket elevator
  • Rotory seperator
  • Scourer machine
  • Pre-cleaning Drum Sieve
  • Rotary sifter
  • De-Stoner
  • Indent cylinder
  • Screw conveyor
  • Wheat Wsher
  • Weighing scale
  • Dust cyclone
  • Flour mill machine
  • L.P fan for cleaning
  • Magnetic drum
  • Square plansifter
  • Cabin plansifter
  • Purifier
  • Automizing dampener
  • Supper cyclone
Generally, a flour mill factory comes with a lot of customization. According to your investment capacity and desired output quantity, you must install the machinery.Additionally, you will need to have testing equipment and packaging machinery.

Sixth, Find Raw Materials
After you have successfully set up your flour mill factory, now it’s time to find the raw materials. The raw materials needed in your flour milling factory is depend on the type of the flour which you want to produce. The best place to source for raw materials is from farmers who produce the raw materials in commercial quantities. But if you have a large trace of land somewhere, you can consider cultivating your own. And although this might be cheaper in the long term, it requires a lot of work to grow and nurture your crops. Therefore, it is advisable to first start by purchasing the grains from farmers.

How to start a wheat flour mill factory | Double-lion Machinery
Seventh, Find Customers To Purchase Your Finished Products
Once your flour mill factory start running, you should need to start selling your products into the market. Bakeries, confectioneries, pharmaceutical companies are the big customers of flour mill factory. In addition, you should contact your local authorities about your business and send your proposal of supply of the finished products. Send quotation with the sample of your product. Promoting your product will also help to contact the customers like handbills or social media or billboards, etc.
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