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Specific Gravity Grading Destoner

Specific Gravity Grading Destoner Introduction
Specific Gravity Grading Destoner is mainly used in flour mill plant and feed processing plants. It can not only be applied to remove stone from rice, corn, wheat, soybean, sesame, rapeseed, malt and other materials, but also from other particles and chemical plastics. It is ideal advanced equipment for modern food processing enterprises.

specific gravity grading destoner/ flour mill plant
Specific Gravity Grading Destoner Working Principle
Utilizing the property that the grains and the mixed stone are of different specific weight and suspension speed as well as the airflow that is blown upward through the grains, the machine keeps heavy impurity at the lower layer and uses a screen to force the material and impurity to move in different directions , thus separating the two of them.  

  specific gravity grading destoner/flour mill plant
Specific Gravity Grading Destoner Features
1. This machine employs vibration motor driving mechanism, which has the advantages of smooth operation, solid and reliable structure, stable performance, low noise, small vibration, no dust spillover and convenient operation and maintenance.
2. The wind magnitude and wind pressure can be easily adjusted in a wide range with a displaying device. A well-illuminated air suction hood is equipped, which ensures clear observation of the movement of materials.
3. There are four holes available on both sides of the screen which make cleaning easy.
4. The inclination angle of screen can be adjusted within a scope of 7 - 9.
5. This machine is able to maintain stone-removing effect even the amount of material fluctuates. It can be used to remove the mixed stones in foodstuffs, grains, grease, feedstuffs and chemical products.

Specific Gravity Grading Destoner Technical Date
Model Screen width
Air pressure
Air aspiration speed
TQSF63 630 280 <980 1450×876×1800 3-5 4500
TQSF80 800 340 <980 1450×1046×1800 5-7 6000
TQSF100 1000 400 <980 1500×1246×1900 7-9 8000
TQSF125 1250 500 <980 1500×1496×1920 9-11 10200
TQSF150 1500 600 <980 1500×1746×1920 11-14 12000
TQSF175 1750 680 <980 1500×1996×1920 14-18 15000
TQSF200 2000 720 <980 1500×2246×1920 16-20 17000
TQSF250 2500 980 <980 1500×2796×1920 20-22 20400