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FMFQ Pneumatic Flour Mill Machine

FMFQ series Pneumatic Flour Mill Machine Introduction
FMFQ series pneumatic flour mill machine is the main equipment in wheat flour mill line, which can set the wiredrawing configuration according to the characteristics of the materials, so it can be used for grinding wheat, corn, rice and others grain pellets.
pneumatic flour mill/flour mill plant
pneumatic flour milling machine/flour mill plant
automatic pneumatic flour milling machine/flour mill plant
 Pneumatic Flour Mill Features
1.The automatic pneumatic flour milling machine adopts the whole pneumatic control, has the advantages of high-sensible action, neat and tidy, no pollution to the environment; It can be operated both in separately and centralizedly.
2.The feeding system adopts double and tilting grinding rollers, together with the drive to achieve stablity and reliablity; the automatic pneumatic flour mill also has a feeding servo system that makes the feeding equal.
3.The automatic pneumatic flour milling machine has one sensible impulser that can control the quantity change of materials to achieve self-control feeding together with the servo system.
4.The automatic pneumatic flour milling machine has a shock pad that can control exclude the vibration when flour grinding.

flour mill machine/flour mill plant 
automatic pneumatic roller mill
pneumatic roller mill/flour mill plant

Pneumatic Flour Mill Working Principle
The operation of clutch brake and feeding roller is controlled by pneumatic power. Roller mill is the core machine of all the equipment in flour processing plants. It mainly depends on a pair of relatively rotating grinding rollers with speed difference to grind wheat, and separate wheat endosperm from barley husk to grind into flour. When working, the material is squeezed, cut and scraped, so as to achieve a certain grinding effect. Each mill has two sets of independent transmission, feeding, grinding system, which plays their respective functions in the way of flour milling.

Pneumatic Flour Mill Working Application
1. Pneumatic flour mill is widely applied in modern flour mill.
2. Pneumatic flour mill can be installed in the first floor for a good an operation and also can be installed in ground floor to save space.
3. Different surface parameters of pneumatic flour mill serve for different grinding passage, different middle materials.

wheat flour

Pneumatic Flour Mill technical parameters

Model Output
Dimension (mm)
FMFQ2550 1.5 7.5×2 1800 1422×1530×1917
FMFQ2560 2.5 11×2 2200 1522×1530×1917
FMFQ2580 5 22×2 2850 1522×1730×1917

Video of Pneumatic Flour Mill