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TQLS Grain Screener and Cleaner

TQLS Series High Efficiency Screening Grain Cleaning Machine Introduction
TQLS high frequency screening and stoning cleaning machine, mainly used for wheat cleaning is ideal equipment to food processing plants and suitable for small and medium-sized automatic flour presser factory. With three functions of screening, stone-removing, and scouring, the machine is ideal equipment to wheat grinding mill machine factory. Besides, it has advantages of small occupation, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

TQLS Grain Screener and Cleaner-Leading Factory of Wheat/Corn Milling Machine,Flour Milling Plants

small wheat cleaning machine used in the wheat processing line
TQLS Series Grain Cleaning Machine Working Principle Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Weight(Kg) Dimension(mm)
TQLS80 1.5-2 2×0.25 590 1170×120×2170
TQLS100 2-3 2×0.25 640 1220×1270×2170
TQLS120 3-4 2×0.25 710 1496×1445×2170
TQLS160 5 2×0.37 960 2100×1445×2500