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Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine For Thailand Customer

Zhengzhou Double-lion SCY pre-cleaner is a multi-purpose pre-cleaning equipment for effective separating various large impurities and is characterized by high throughput, low power consumption, high efficiency, stable and reliable running, impact structure and small floor space. It is necessary to have drum sieve machine in input section of seeds storage and transfer facilities or in grain processing lines. Different drum screens sizes available, it can be customized according to need.

Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine For Thailand Customer-Zhengzhou Double-lion   Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine For Thailand Customer

Product Name: Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine
Brand Name: Double-lion
Model Number: SCY80
Certification: ISO9001
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1set
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
packing measurement: 2450×1620×2350
Packing Weight: 1200kg
Specifications: 50/63/80/100/125
Application: Pre-cleaning raw grains, such as wheat, maize, rice, etc..
Why Choose Double-lion Drum Sieve Pre-cleaning Machine?
1. Use horizontal arm cylinder, the screen drum with feeding and discharging, choose different sieve mesh, can greatly improve the screening efficiency.
2. Use backward feeding, the screw is setted in the discharging of screen drum, greatly lengthen sieving length, improve the sieving effect.
3. Use the structure of inside sieving and outside cleaning
4. It has good cleaning effect and high impurities removing efficiency. The efficiency of removing big impurities is higher than 99%.The big impurities do not contain complete granules or clean materials;
5. Suitable for multiple grains such as rice ,wheat ,bean and maize etc.
6. Set inspection hole, convenience to maintain and replace the sieving mesh.

Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine For Thailand Customer     Drum Sieve Pre-cleaing Machine For Thailand Customer

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